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Join the 3,000 professional logisticians and supply chain management professionals who earned their P.Log.

Logistics is a career choice and a profession, like medicine accounting or engineering. The P.Log. (Professional Logistician) is a practitioner’s qualification and is different from an educational qualification. Professional status is a reflection of what you can do, built on what you know.

Building a professional career demands three things:

• Capability: the ability to do the work

• Competence: a balance of skills, knowledge & aptitude

• Credentials: certification of your competence

Professional Designations

A professional designation is a public statement of the personal competence of the individual who earns it. It is the public statement of corporate capacity to succeed built on employee competence. The Logistics Institute offers three certification programs in logistics and supply chain management targeted to professionals in the industry.

The Logistics institute offers two types of certification….

Professional Logistician (P.Log), for professionals in logistics. This internationally recognized certification certifies competence as global supply chain leaders.

Logistics Specialist (LS), for logisticians working in tactical and supervisory careers who are looking for certification to create the foundation for a successful career in logistics.

What is the right Certification pathway for you?

Depending on where you are in your career and what the company needs to succeed, you have different options to earn the P.Log or LS designations.

Executive/strategic competencies >>

Managerial/process competencies >>

Supervisory/functional competencies >>

Entry/tactical competencies >>