The Logistics Institute

Our Mission & Drive

The Logistics Institute is Canada’s leading source of logistics training and certification. Its mission is to teach, develop and promote the science of logistics to the business community, and to encourage practitioners along logistics career paths. The Institute delivers skills and leadership training in classroom, online and THE HUB, a dynamic private social network dedicated to developing and sharing industry knowledge. Today, more than 3,000 logistics practitioners from some of Canada’s best known companies have earned the P.Log. designation and the recognition that comes with attaining certified competence in a professional field.

The Logistics Institute builds leaders by providing comprehensive training, development and support programs for individuals who work in logistics and the supply chain field.

Potential Member - Logistics is a career choice and a profession. The Professional Logistician (P.Log.) designation is your fastest path to building a successful career in logistics. The Logistics Institute puts you in the driver’s seat to establishing a professional identity in the industry as well increasing and attracting job opportunities in the logistics field.

Current Member - Professional status is a reflection of what you can do, built on what you know. The Logistics Institute is your only source to remaining up to date with current logistics industry practices your business depends upon and identifying opportunities for career advancement.

Business Partner – The Logistics Institute depends on partners in carrying out its mission of developing a logistics profession. It partners with corporations to develop sustainable global bench strength and with relevant product and service providers to create a specialized and helpful marketplace for the logistics community.



There are only 3 things we need to succeed: strategy, process and people. Strategy can be summed up with the question: Where do we want to go? Process is the question: How are we going to get there? The "people question" is: Who’s driving the bus?

Combining all 3 success factors we focus on issues of “capacitation”, that is, do we, as a company or as an individual, have the capacity to deliver on our own value propositions with any level of success?

Capacitation involves many things: infrastructure being the most obvious. If you don’t have the infrastructure to handle the export volumes from China, for example, then you cannot be a player in that global logistics trade market. But it takes more than infrastructure to succeed. The real driver of success is having the right people with the right skills in the right jobs doing the right things to develop and sustain success.