The Logistics Institute

The LS - Logistics Specialist Designation

The LS will be a new level certification offered by the Logistics Institute starting in 2014. This certification is designed for logisticians working in tactical and supervisory careers, as well as for those aspiring to future managerial positions. This program aims at creating a foundation for a career in logistics and supply chain management through this newly developed LS Pathway. At the end of the program the participant will walk away with the skills/training as well as the accreditation to back it up. This designation fills a need to prepare practitioners for a successful career in logistics. The problem solving skills learned in this program will align you with the skills to achieve your objectives effectively.

The new LS designation will consist of core modules in the Essentials Series, Frontline Logistics and Integrated Logistics Networks. The program will be completely online with the use of a Learning and Managing System (LMS). Estimated time to complete the program is 1-3 months.

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Integrated Logistics Networks




Once you earn the LS there are two options:

1. Staying with the LS designation where you will become members of the designation and be charged a small yearly fee ($65) for membership. With membership you will receive access to a special section of Blackboard.

2. Option two is to continue on to earning the P.Log designation. You have 12-18 months after completing the LS before deciding. During this time there will be no fees accrued over this time. To earn the P.Log the path includes completing key courses in the Process Management Program: Supply Chain Strategies or Leading To Succeed, Values and Leadership, Logistics Process Diagnostics, Team Dynamics and the Comprehensive Qualifier.

The designation fits into the P.Log program: