Developing 21st Century Leaders

As a professional organization, the Logistics Institute develops the whole person, and not just the skills needed to do jobs in supply chain and logistics. The P.Log professional is

  • A leader who transforms organizations as a change agent and builds capabilities in others to implement change;
  • A leader with competitive edge to create customer value, and with competence as a supply chain and logistics practitioner to sustain that value;
  • A leader with the self-confidence to make difficult decisions and accept responsibility for the consequences of those decisions.

To meet the challenges of the 21st Century, we need to approach leadership as a series of building blocks. Our foundation is personal leadership, on which we hone our aptitude as leaders and build our capacity to lead.

Our capacity to lead enables us to deal with the complexities of leading others. The greatest challenge we face is engaging others from within their individual perspectives – not everyone sees the world the same way; we each have our own unique “mind strengths”.

Recognizing that no one thinks the same way or sees the world in the same ways allows us to lead situationally – applying different leadership skills to the variety of situations we face in context. Bundling this entire leadership nexus, we can lead the organization as professionals and engaged practitioners.

As Founding President of the Logistics Institute, I have had the privilege of exploring the many dimensions of leadership with professionals, practitioners, academics, seasoned workers and youth entering the workforce for the first time.

Below, I share the wisdom of these fellow sojourners in this series of blogs on Developing 21st Century Leaders.

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Victor Deyglio
Founding President
The Logistics Institute

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