Blog Series Part 2: The Importance Of Strategic Leadership

Through this series of video blogs, we are exploring the various reasons that make strategic leadership of critical importance in today’s business environment.

Strategic Leadership is becoming more and more critical in 21st century global business eco-systems. Applied Innovation is a toolkit that enables us to lead strategically.

As business and supply chain logistics professionals and practitioners, why is applied innovation so critical?

Global supply chains are no longer linear. They are complex value webs. This alone creates the need to do things differently. Part 2 of the video blogs series discusses the various toolkits that enable us to think differently.

To imagine, innovate and build applied innovation capabilities using a better toolkit, join your peers and participate in this program.

Strategic Leadership Certification Program: Applied Innovation

Horseshoe Valley Resort, Barrie, Ontario

May 26-31, 2019

This program leads to two professional credentials: the PAIn™ [Professional Applied Innovation] designation by successfully completing this Program, and the P.Log [Professional Logistician] designation by also completing two online modules on Supply Chain & Logistics.

This will be a public statement of your capabilities as a 21st Century Strategic Leader, with the capacity to embrace the challenges of change and innovation and capture the full human potential across the entire organization.

I hope to welcome you to our community of leaders in May.

Victor Deyglio
Founding President
The Logistics Institute

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