Blog Series Part 5: The Importance Of Strategic Leadership

In Part 5 of the video blogs series, we are going to look at one particular tool in the Applied Innovation toolkit, and that is Fringe Mapping: a tool that we use to consider all of the possible sources of change and develop opportunities and plans in the face of complexity. This tool allows us to go beyond identifiable trends.

Through this series of video blogs, we are exploring the various reasons that make strategic leadership of critical importance in today’s business environment, and what makes Applied Innovation a strategic leader’s toolkit.

We invite you to join your peers and participate in the Applied Innovation Program this May, to develop new and different ways of thinking at the fringe.

This program leads to two professional credentials: the PAIn™ [Professional Applied Innovation] designation by successfully completing this Program, and the P.Log [Professional Logistician] designation by also completing two online modules on Supply Chain & Logistics.

Strategic Leadership Certification Program: Applied Innovation
Horseshoe Valley Resort, Barrie, Ontario
May 26-31, 2019

This will be a public statement of your capabilities as a 21st Century Strategic Leader, with the capacity to embrace the challenges of change and innovation and capture the full human potential across the entire organization.

Learn more at

I hope to see you in May.

Victor Deyglio
Founding President
The Logistics Institute

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