The Pain of P.A.In


We have had a few people ask if we noticed the Professional in Applied Innovation designation reads out as “pain”.

The short answer: yes, yes we have.
The longer answer, this is 100% intentional.

Why do you ask? Well, there are a few reasons for this that we would like to clarify.

1) It is important to be able to discuss serious things without being serious. Innovation is serious business…in fact, it is arguably one of the only two functions of an enterprise that make money. If you want to have a profitable and sustainable business (in good times or bad) you need to be able to innovate. That is serious. But humour is an interesting thing, it is arguably one of the key traits of world class innovators. The reason: humour requires you to see the end result of a situation before it happens. And like the comedy/tragedy/satyr of Greek drama, it requires looking at the world as it is, accepting it as it is, and being willing to unmask what doesn’t serve us and be willing to create something new.

2) Innovation is tough. In fact, the emotional, mental, and physical process of discovery that world-class innovators experience (and the skills that you will build completing the P.A.In program) for some people are “painful”. Now this is not rip your fingernails out painful, but it can be exhaustive. Why? Because you are learning new skills and that takes patience and practice…something in our world of instant gratification we have a lower tolerance for than previous generations. It also is – for better or worse – a prerequisite for the “eureka moment”. Yes, confusion, discomfort, and frustration (a type of “pain”) are documented states that all innovators pass through before the eureka moment. This research was done by looking at fMRI scans as people were given challenging problems to solve. As they worked on the problems, areas of the brain that are associated with those “pain points” would light up! And then, in an instant, the wave pattern of a brain changes and EUREKA! a problem is solved. So in one way, this is about as much “truth in advertising” as you can get. (but don’t worry, see #1 above – we can discuss serious things without being serious).

3) That is just how it happened. We offer a Professional Logistician (P.Log) designation as the first program and designation of the institute 25 years ago. The methodology that is best suited for solving complex problems is Applied Innovation. You put them together and you get Professional in Applied Innovation (P.A.In.). It just turns out that is a perfect way to label the designation.

We are building a global P.A.In community with over 30 individuals achieving the designation and nearly 100 more in process to achieve the designation over the next 12 months.

If you want to build the skill set to solve complex problems and build your professional capacity to innovate, you are invited to join the growing community of P.A.In.

Sign up here, to start this program in November. You’ll be done by July 2021. You’ll be innovating for much longer.

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