Introducing the Idea Room: A new kind of blog

Introducing the Idea Room: A new kind of blog

Many blogs out there post and share information, but they lack a key component; human interaction. They miss out on the aspect of community where like-minded individuals can come together and share their thoughts. The Logistics Institute recognizes this need, and from that, we created the Idea Room. It’s the perfect place to engage and connect with professionals within the logistics industry. The Idea Room is a professional community focused on Logistics and education. It’s meant to be interactive, insightful, and conversation-provoking. The objective is to educate and grow our P.Log community.

Hosted By

Jean Gauthier, P.Log and Next Level Strategist.

My P.Log was a game-changer for me back in 2011. It opened career doors and gave me a competitive advantage over my peers. Thanks again to the team at The Logistics Institute!

For me, the Idea Room is a way to give back to The Logistics Institute and help bring its members a new level of engagement and interaction.


Jean’s Career Highlights

Jean has been involved in driving growth for national companies for over 20 years. He spent the last 6 years as the operational consultant for Industrial Services Fund I with Newlook Capital, a private equity group in Canada. Jean deployed 11 MM for 3 gas detection companies, which after combining and operating successfully for 5 years under one platform, were profitably sold, creating a successful exit from Fund I and a positive return to investors.

Jean launched his career in distribution and logistics. He led San Francisco Gifts stores in a national expansion from 60 stores in Western Canada to 155 stores; coast-to-coast in 2 years (100-150 distribution employees). He maintained the same distribution footprint throughout this process (120 K sq ft), utilizing innovation and continuous improvement principles that started to come to North America in the early 1990s.

He has over 25 years of experience in a broad range of operational and senior distribution management positions. Prior to joining the Newlook Capital team, Jean held various national roles with companies like The Brick and Grainger. Jean has benefitted from a diverse corporate exposure and has managed logistics and distribution for hundreds of locations and employees.

Being a maverick at removing silos and opening communication among diverse teams, in 2014, Jean engaged his team of leaders and staff at Grainger to participate in a Tough Mudder event. 5 leaders participated in the Tough Mudder challenge with Jean. The entire warehouse/distribution team (220 employees) got behind the leaders and supported them in this challenge. This removed silos and repaired relationships in the distribution centers.

Some highlights of Jean’s career story include being the National Distribution Manager for XS Cargo, a national retail chain with over $100 million in sales. Jean was instrumental in taking the distribution channels national and supporting the business to go public. He also successfully transitioned from a full paper environment to a state-of-the-art WMS system with XS Cargo.

He helped XS Cargo grow from 20 stores to 45 stores. This enabled XS Cargo to go public as an Income Trust for $70 million (200-225 employees). He then joined The Brick and oversaw the distribution for 235 stores supporting 6 Distribution Centres (600+ employees) across Canada. He also was the cornerstone in enabling a private equity group to launch its first PE Fund by supporting 8 code-regulated and service-based companies from Ontario to British Columbia (500+ employees).

Jean started his own private consulting practice in 2009 and now operates Next Level Strategist, a company dedicated to helping companies unlock their true potential.

About Next Level Strategist

Next Level Strategist logo

Jean has had the honour and privilege to work with some of the top business leaders in Canada, supporting them in turning their visions into reality. In each case, he contributed to major wins by driving growth and taking each company to the Next Level.

Next Level Strategist understands that the roles of CFOs and CEOs are changing. The need of the hour dictates to form an intertwined and interconnected strategy. If “your” organization wants to evolve, it will have to think differently and develop a strategy that does not feel out of time and out of place.


Whether it is employee engagement or the basic planning process, the effort has to be strategic and calculated to make a long-term positive impact on the company. Of course, your company can mirror the external environment and become more dynamic.

But a generalized template for business development and strategic efforts usually backfires. In the quest to meet high expectations, companies need to adapt and embrace a multi-faceted approach to stretch out their planning and development processes.

Jean’s latest innovation is the Idea Room, an interactive environment allowing the sharing of ideas and encouraging co-op blogs and video coffee table chats.

The Logistic Institute is pleased to be hosting its own Idea Room facilitated by Jean Gauthier, P.Log. – The Next Level Strategist.

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