Application: SC-R Certification

If you have completed all three levels of the Supply Chain Risk and Resilience course delivered by edukazi, you are qualified to obtain status as a Certified Professional with the Logistics Institute.

Earning the SC-R designation prepares you for the 21st Century as a professionally competent resilience strategist.


  • You become a Certified Professional by earning the designation: SC-R [Supply Chain Resilience Strategist] granted solely by the Logistics Institute
  • You gain status as a Professional Member of the Logistics Institute
  • You gain advanced standing towards earning the P.Log Designation


  • STEP 1: Create a candidate profile below, and upload e-documents to provide proof of completion of the SCR&R course (obtained through edukazi and/or Lehigh University)
  • step 2: Submit professional review fee


Under the guidelines of the Professional Review Board, your application will be reviewed to ensure certification requirements have been completed. Once the review is completed, the designation will be granted to you by the Logistics Institute.

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After completing Step 1, scroll back down to this section of the page to complete Step 2.

Your application will be processed within 3 – 5 business days. In case your application is not approved, fees will be refunded in full.

SC-R Designation

All professional designations are owned and maintained by the Logistics Community of Interest under the stewardship of the Logistics Institute. Professional designations are registered trademarks of the Logistics Institute.

The SC-R™ designation belongs to the Logistics Institute as a trademarked asset. SC-R™ professionals are members of the Logistics Institute. Earning the SC-R™ designation entails successful completion of the Supply Chain Resilience program, which is designed to meet the certification requirements set by the Professional Review Board of the Logistics Institute. All program content is developed by partners, who own and deliver that content under license to the Logistics Institute.

Participants completing the Supply Chain Resilience program will also receive a certificate of completion from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Designations must be renewed on an annual basis for continued use of the trademark. The professional year for all designations runs from November 1 – October 31. 

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The Logistics Institute has the mandate to foster business, trade and economic developments between and among supply chain logistics professionals to sustain global trade built on an even playing field, led by competent and ethical certified professionals, based on the fundamental conviction that global trade can only be sustained at the human level by practitioners and professionals who are capable of building trust.