Become a P.Log.

Thinking of becoming a certified P.Log. [Professional Logistician]

A P.Log certification program provides you with transferable skills, valuable perspectives, industry knowledge, practical tools and techniques – comprehensively providing a unique skills portfolio to increase your personal value proposition. Industry recognized and respected, the P.Log is the key to career mobility.

Do you have what it takes to be a P.Log?

P.Log: Professional Logistician

Earning the P.Log designation is a public statement of your leadership, competence and credibility, and your competitive advantage in the supply chain and logistics community. It is a recognition of your skills, knowledge and aptitude to lead.

The P.Log is a leader:

  • Who transforms organizations as a change agent and builds capabilities in others to implement change;
  • With competitive edge to create customer value, and with competence as a supply chain logistics practitioner to sustain that value; and
  • With the self-confidence to make difficult decisions and accept responsibility for the consequences of those decisions.
How can you earn the P.Log?

Through any one of the programs listed below. Each program has a track or topic of interest, which you can use as your specialization towards earning this designation.

Each program is competency-based; each program is a challenge; each learning resource tests your capability to work effectively, lead within the context of work responsibilities, and thereby become a certified professional. Your true achievement is not a score on an examination but the peer-to-peer recognition that validates your capacity to lead and your self-confidence to apply in the workplace the skills and aptitudes sharpened in the programs.

About the Programs

COMPETENCY-BASED LEARNING: The principles guiding the training mandate of the Logistics Institute are:

  • Leaders initiate and manage change
  • Change is driven by values to succeed
  • Success builds on competence
  • Competence is global supply chain logistics

What you “learn” in an Institute program, you apply in the workplace and to your career.

Programs for P.Log Certification

There are six program pathways to earn the P.Log Designation. They can broadly be categorized as strategic pathways, management pathways, and tactical pathways.

Choosing the best pathway for yourself will depend on where you want to go and what you want to achieve – your career progression. Recommendations are provided for each path. These are not an absolute guide, but suggestions that you might want to consider when choosing a program that’s right for you.

There are three different strategic pathways to the P.Log, ideal for candidates with strategic responsibilities such as:

  • Strategic responsibility for inter-organizational relationships along complex supply chains focused on customer value creation
  • Inter-Organizational responsibility to develop and manage vendor networks and distribution channels to sustain customer strategies

Suggested experience-level (in or aspiring for): Vice-Presidents, Senior Directors, Directors, Senior Managers

The topics that cover strategic leadership competencies are: