The Change Enablement Program

Be Recognized as a Professional Change Enabler
Virtual Session | Spring/Summer 2023

The Change Enablement Program allows you to develop and enhance practical skills and technical capabilities supporting and delivering change. This Program is not about managing change, it is about leading change. You are the change agent, facilitator and accelerator: you are the change enabler.

The program draws from current approaches to leading and enabling change, going beyond traditional change management to take a human centered approach, leveraging relationship dynamics, psychology and analytics. At the heart of the methodology is a proprietary change mapping tool to effectively capture and collate the elements required to move from the current state to the future desired state.

The program, delivered virtually over four consecutive days, comprises a blend of practical activities, teaching sessions, case studies, and an online assessment with feedback. The days are intense, with interactive sessions and group activity.

The program is a peer-to-peer experience, where you work with your peers to understand different perspectives, approaches to change and managing relationships: this peer-to-peer learning and collaboration is an important and invaluable component of the program.


As Change Leaders, we need to behave, lead and enable. In the Change Enablement Program, we will explore each of these in terms of

  • You and Your Behaviour: assertiveness, motivations, social skills, conflict
  • You and Your Leadership: conflict resolution, shared social skills, ethics, persuasion
  • You and Your Change Tools: stakeholder mapping, change mapping, change strategies and planning, change momentum

Using this toolkit, you will develop and enhance practical skills and technical capabilities supporting and delivering change.

Assertive Behaviourdiagnosing assertive behaviour to obtain your objectives and understand how to manage others
Motivationsunderstanding your key motivations and how they impact your ability to influence others
Your Social Skills and Inefficacieslearning how to deploy your skills and how your inefficacies create “ouch” points in your interactions
Conflictunderstanding how you/others change in conflict situations, how that impacts your effectiveness and how to adapt your approach
Conflict Resolutioncreating and applying a conflict resolution strategy to enhance your effectiveness
Shared Social Skills & Inefficaciescreating a shared understanding of specific areas of social skills and areas requiring focus and attention
Project Ethicsapplying an ethical framework to change projects and reviewing dilemmas of enforcing change at work
Persuasioncreating persuasive interactions which effectively take people with you
Stakeholder Mappingcategorizing, assessing and aligning stakeholders to deliver change
Change Mappingunderstanding key elements of a practical change map so change is appropriately enabled
Creating Strategies and Plansbuilding appropriate and time effective strategies and plans to enable change
Change Momentumbuilding momentum to deliver change, understanding key elements of a practical change map so change is appropriately enabled
Program Objectives

The goal of building change enablement skills and competencies is to have effective, efficient and motivated people throughout the organization who are engaged in achieving their own personal success and committed to the success of the change project as a whole.

Learning Outcomes
  • Enhancing interpersonal effectiveness
  • Building a stakeholder map
  • Creating a change map
  • Developing a communication plan
  • Creating effective workshops
  • Conflict resolution tools and techniques
  • A change mapping tool to effectively capture and collate the elements required to move from the current state to the future desired.
  • A template for application on your projects enabling you to lead your programs more effectively.
  • Strategy and planning tools to create next steps and turn assessment into action.


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Program Agenda

Sessions start at 9:00 AM each day, ending at 5:00 PM (Eastern Time). There will be breaks during the day.

This program is interactive with discussions and teamwork, and attendees will be required to have microphones/cameras on for the sessions.

  • Motivational Value Systems and their impact on your interactions
  • Your strengths: playing to your strengths and managing overdone strengths
  • Creating IMPACT statements
  • Assertive Interactions
  • Persuasion
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Mapping: needs analyses, building influence
  • Enablement: what is different
  • Mapping the change: current state & desired state
  • Communication: strategy, plan, execution
  • Training & facilitation
  • Diagnosing the problem & creating solutions
  • Conflict resolution strategy
  • Creating a strategy: mapping your project, applying tools
  • Change Agents: building your network, setting them up for success
  • Aligning organizational objectives
  • Cultural Alignment: assessing culture & adjusting approach

Subject Matter Expert: Simon Brown, BSc MBA CMC CTDP MAPM P.Log

Simon Brown, Principal, Accelor Training, is the subject matter expert for this program delivered by the Logistics Institute.

Simon has delivered supply chain transformation projects in a broad range of industries. His experience leading clients through challenging sourcing and transformation projects positioned him to be able to provide the optimum toolset using a combination of best practice and academic research to leading and enabling change projects.

Simon’s industry experience spans sectors, including FMCG, Healthcare, Retail, Financial & Insurance, Mining, and Oil & Gas.

Supply Chain Management

  • Led three year SCM transformation creating and redefining entire supply chain from source of supply through to customers, redefining all relationships and implementing new ERP and SCM systems.
  • Retrained and refocused strategic change team to deliver cross business change programs

Change Management

  • Created online training academy leveraging focused assessed modules
  • Conducted over 200 supplier reviews building out methodology to assess and evaluate the true value derived from suppliers and their interactions.
  • Restructured a number of supplier markets including coffee and tea, Italian specialty, candy and pies


  • Served as lead consultant supporting oil and gas team transform their Strategic Procurement operations
  • Developed training academy for mid sized Gas organization, improved employee retention and promotability
  • Led evaluation of supplier performance and relationship and spearheaded new methodology to enhance supplier value proposition
  • Conducted contract reviews troubleshooting issues and resolving them with suppliers

A Graduate of Portsmouth University (UK) with an Masters in Business Administration and a P.Log, he is passionate about maximizing the value each individual gets from their interactions.

The Logistics Institute has the mandate to foster business, trade and economic developments between and among supply chain logistics professionals to sustain global trade built on an even playing field, led by competent and ethical certified professionals, based on the fundamental conviction that global trade can only be sustained at the human level by practitioners and professionals who are capable of building trust.