Designation Verification

As a Professional Member in good standing, you are committed to excellence in your chosen career by maintaining your status as a Certified Professional.

A searchable directory is provided below for your use – it is an online tool you can use to demonstrate your certified professional status to employers and the public at large. You can also use it to obtain a confirmation of your designation’s validity for the year.

  • Search for your name: then take a screenshot of the search results, or print them.

Note: the name you enter below must be an exact match to the name listed in your account. Login to your account and verify the listing first to ensure you are entering the data correctly.

As a service for our active Professional Community, The Logistics Institute is pleased to provide this searchable directory to verify the credentials of supply chain and logistics professionals who have earned a certification (designation) through the Logistics Institute, and are currently in good standing.

Searchable Designations: P.Log, PCE, LS
For all other credentials, contact us at with a signed consent form from the candidate.

NOTE: This directory contains only members in good standing; search results for members who are not in good standing or who have opted out of maintaining their designation will not be displayed.

Enter the first and last names below to look up an entry.

Search results will be produced for exact matches only. For example: if our records list a candidate’s name as Robert Brown, no results will be displayed for Bob Brown.

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Your search criteria generated no results. This could be for the following reasons:

  1. The name was inaccurately entered or not an exact match to corresponding records
  2. The individual has not earned a designation through the Logistics Institute
  3. The individual has not maintained the designation and so is not in good standing