Effective Negotiation Skills

Negotiation in the Modern World

Over 60% of all business interactions are a negotiation, and improving each individual outcome is vital to the success of both individuals and their organizations.

This virtual program on effective negotiation is designed to enhance both persuasion and influencing skills to enhance participants’ leadership potential. It combines both the best of current thinking and over 30 years of practical experience. It utilizes a range of proprietary assessments, purpose-built to enhance your negotiation skills.

You will emerge from this program not only a more effective negotiator but also with specific tools to enhance your success and influence.

This program is delivered as an in-house training and certification program for companies looking to enhance the negotiation leadership skills of their teams.

Program Content

Learning Objectives
  • Practicing assertive behaviour
  • Delivering persuasive arguments
  • Key Tactics and how they work
  • Developing an Intelligent negotiation strategy and plan
  • Moving the dialogue when it gets sticky
  • Understanding Psychology of Individuals
  • Conflict Resolution
The Toolkit
Assertive Behavior how to diagnose assertive behavior, ensure you obtain your objectives and understand how to manage others appropriately
Motivations to understand your key motivations and how this impacts your ability to influence others.
Social skills and EQ to learn how we deploy our skills and how our inefficacies create “ouch” points in our interactions
Conflict understand how you change in conflict situations, how that impacts others and how they adapt their approach
Conflict Resolution create a conflict resolution strategy and apply it in enhancing your effectiveness
Tactics a range of tactics to deploy and an understanding of their consequences and likely effectiveness
Negotiation Ethics an understanding of the appropriate ethical framework for negotiation and persuasion
Persuasion how to create persuasive interactions which effectively take people with you
Stakeholder Mapping how to categorize, assess and align stakeholders to your negotiation
Negotiation Strategy and Plan build appropriate and time effective strategies and plans to support the delivery of value to your organization
Preparation how to prepare appropriately for any negotiation
Communication essential elements of clear communication

Program Delivery & Format:

The program delivery can be customized to suit your team’s needs. Our typical program delivery is over four days (full day), or over eight days (half-days).

In 2021, the program will be delivered virtually. Each candidate completing this program will earn the SC-N designation.

Subject Matter Expert: Simon Brown, BSc MBA CMC CTDP MAPM P.Log

Simon Brown, Principal, Accelor Training, is the subject matter expert for this program delivered by the Logistics Institute.

Simon has delivered supply chain transformation projects in a broad range of industries. His experience leading clients through challenging sourcing and transformation projects positioned him to be able to provide the optimum toolset using a combination of best practice and academic research to leading and enabling change projects.

Simon’s industry experience spans sectors, including FMCG, Healthcare, Retail, Financial & Insurance, Mining, and Oil & Gas.

The Logistics Institute has the mandate to foster business, trade and economic developments between and among supply chain logistics professionals to sustain global trade built on an even playing field, led by competent and ethical certified professionals, based on the fundamental conviction that global trade can only be sustained at the human level by practitioners and professionals who are capable of building trust.