SC Certification Program
International Project Management

Online, Self-Directed

Credential Earned: SC-IPM Designation

By completing this program, participants will earn the SC-IPM [International SC Project Management] designation.

Earning the SC-IPM designation prepares you for the 21st Century as a professionally competent international project management specialist.

SC Certification Programs: Strategic Leadership in the 21st Century

The Supply Chain [SC] Certification Programs deliver a series of professional designations in specialized areas that will equip supply chain logistics professionals with the competencies required to implement a resilient supply chain strategy while discovering new opportunities to succeed in the face of constant challenge, change and opportunity.

To enhance the competencies of logistics practitioners and professionals in meeting the challenges of 21st Century global supply chains, the Logistics Institute has designed this new certification program on project management by separating it into three discrete but inter-connected areas of expertise within an overall management context, where key project management concepts are introduced, project management competencies are developed and enhanced through simulations and experience-based learning methods, and a focus specifically on Value and Risk issues associated with projects and project management.

The third program in our series of SC programs is the International Project Management Program.

In this certification program, the Logistics Institute separates “project management” into three discrete but inter-connected areas of expertise within an overall management context:

  • PROJECT: a time-based endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end, usually time-constrained and often constrained by funding and deliverables, undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.
  • PROGRAM: a dossier of related projects and related activities delivering large scale transformation change.
  • PORTFOLIO: the centralized management of processes, methods, technologies used to analyze and manage collectively current or proposed projects based on achieving such objectives as determining optimal resource mix for delivering and scheduling activities to achieve an organization’s operational and financial goals, while honoring constraints imposed by customers, business strategies, or expressed real-world factors.

Program Levels

The content of this self-directed, online program can be framed into 3 different stages of professional development: Foundation, Practitioner, and Portfolio.
This program is structured in three levels:

Registration is available for the full program, as well as for each level separately: participants must complete the levels sequentially.



$1,950 + Tax



$1,950 + Tax



$1,950 + Tax



$5,850 + Tax

As allowed by the CRA, an official tax receipt will be issued for income tax purposes for the program fees.

Our Partners in Professionalism

The IPM Program consists of a series of online courses developed by the Government of the United Kingdom and organized into three distinct certification programs by the Logistics Institute. Courses are accessed by exclusive license between the Logistics Institute and Orion Learning, an online competency-based training company in Toronto. Certification programs are aligned to each competency level, resulting in three independent and distinct professional designations. Successful completion of these courses prepares participants for UK-based project management certifications.

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner, MSP® Foundation and Practitioner, M_o_R® Foundation, MoV® Foundation courses are offered by ILX Group.
M_o_R®, MoV®, MSP®and PRINCE2® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited. The Canadian Professional Logistics Institute is a named reseller of the ILX Group.

SC-IPM Designation

All professional designations are owned and maintained by the Logistics Community of Interest under the stewardship of the Logistics Institute. Professional designations are registered trademarks of the Logistics Institute.

The SC-IPM™ designation belongs to the Logistics Institute as a trademarked asset. SC-IPM™ professionals are members of the Logistics Institute. Earning the SC-IPM™ designation entails successful completion of the International Project Management program, which is designed to meet the certification requirements set by the Professional Review Board of the Logistics Institute. All program content is developed by partners, who own and deliver that content under license to the Logistics Institute.

Participants completing the International Project Management program can (independent of the Institute) also take the exam to earn the PRINCE2 designation.

Designations must be renewed on an annual basis for continued use of the trademark. The professional year for all designations runs from November 1 – October 31. 

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The Logistics Institute has the mandate to foster business, trade and economic developments between and among supply chain logistics professionals to sustain global trade built on an even playing field, led by competent and ethical certified professionals, based on the fundamental conviction that global trade can only be sustained at the human level by practitioners and professionals who are capable of building trust.