Our Mission & Drive

Earn Your Professional Designation in Logistics & Supply Chain Leadership

The Logistics Institute integrates both leadership and supply chain logistics competencies into all of its professional development programs. Leadership focuses on: Change, Teams, Problem Solving, Solution Implementation, Ethics/Values, and Responsibility. Supply Chain Logistics focuses on: SC Strategies, Logistics Processes, Integrated Networks, Managing Inter-organizational Relationships, and Developing Strategic Customer Relationships.

Our programs are competency-based education (CBE) courses, which allows you to take advantage of your industry experience by moving more quickly through concepts you already know.

Peer-to-peer learning is an important and invaluable component, as is collaboration with colleagues and peers on global business development issues, dealing with supply chain logistics complexities, and facing ethical and professional dilemmas. Business case studies are used to focus on issues and challenges that affect a company’s capacity to succeed in globally competitive markets.

"The Logistics Institute’s mission is to foster and enhance the global trade built on an even playing field led by certified professionals."

Victor Deyglio
Founding President


The Logistics Institute’s vision is to develop leaders who transform organizations as change agents and build capabilities in others to implement change through training; who have the self-confidence to make difficult decisions and accept responsibility for the consequences of those decisions; and who have the competitive edge to create customer value and the competence as supply chain and logistics practitioners to sustain that value.

The Logistics Institute builds leaders by providing comprehensive training, development and support programs for individuals who work in logistics and the supply chain field.

  • Potential Member

    Logistics is a career choice and a profession. The Professional Logistician (P.Log.) designation is your fastest path to building a successful career in logistics. The Logistics Institute puts you in the driver’s seat to establishing a professional identity in the industry as well increasing and attracting job opportunities in the logistics field.

  • Current Member

    Professional status is a reflection of what you can do, built on what you know. The Logistics Institute is your only source to remaining up to date with current logistics industry practices your business depends upon and identifying opportunities for career advancement.

  • Business Partner

    The Logistics Institute depends on partners in carrying out its mission of developing a logistics profession. It partners with corporations to develop sustainable global bench strength and with relevant product and service providers to create a specialized and helpful marketplace for the logistics community.