P.Log. Designation

Professional Year 2022-23

  • Your P.Log designation is a demonstration of your expertise as a Supply Chain and Logistics Leader.

    You validated this by earning the P.Log. through a competency-based certification program, that proved your mastery of supply chain logistics best practices at strategic and process levels of performance.

    Your P.Log is your value proposition. You worked for it; you earned it.

    Be proud to be P.Log.

    Duration of the Professional Year: November 1, 2022 – October 31, 2023

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For assistance, please contact Ingrid Walter: iwalter@loginstitute.ca | 437-779-9342

  • One Year Renewal: $495 + Tax

    November 1, 2022 – October 31, 2023

  • Two Year Renewal: $890 + Tax

    November 1, 2022 – October 31, 2024


Being a P.Log:

Being a professional. Publicly proclaiming

  • I am competent
  • I am in a career, and not just doing a job
  • I am committed to my own life-long learning
  • I am recognized as a leader in supply chain and logistics
  • I am growing continuously in competence through practice
  • I am committed to the standards of my professional community
  • I am committed to the welfare of society in the practice of my business
  • I am a role model for others, especially new entrants in logistics careers
  • I earned the right to be a P.Log. My abilities have been tested and found to be of professional calibre. My experience, knowledge, and competencies have been validated. I am proud of my professionalism.
  • As a P.Log, I belong to a community of supply chain and logistics professionals. I have been accepted by peers and am recognized publicly by peers. I am part of a global network of business practitioners and professionals. I engage in business on a level playing field marked by standards of fairness.
  • My P.Log enables me to bring to my company the right skills for global supply chain and logistics responsibilities. My P.Log increases my company’s supply chain and logistics bench strength to compete in global markets.
  • My P.Log improves my company’s performance because I am a stronger leader, better at collaboration and consensus building, and able to manage supplier and customer relations well.
  • My P.Log makes me adaptable: it enables me to move cross-functionally and inter-departmentally within my company.

Maintaining your P.Log. certified status is a demonstration of your commitment to excellence in your chosen career.