Why Partner with The Logistics Institute?

Your partnership with the Logistics Institute will provide your organization with a complete training, support and development program for your logistics needs. Members of professional associations will have access to the top supply chain logistics certification program in the country. Academic institutions will help their students establish their career in logistics. A corporate partnership will ensure your company has a strong workforce development plan.

  • Professional Associations

    As a partner, members of your organization will be given affiliate status with the Logistics Institute. Your affiliate membership will give you a large number of benefits including:

    • Access to professional development opportunities at a 15% discount
    • Access to the Logistics CareerSite
    • Access to logistics research
    • A special invitation to the Leadership P.Log. Certification program
  • Educational Institutions

    The Logistics Institute provides students with a complete training, support and development program for every phase of their professional careers.

    Students will be able to get a free student membership with the Logistics Institute. This membership allows you to gain access to the Logistics Institute’s Career Network online resume service. Here you can open, develop and maintain a skills portfolio that will follow you throughout your entire career path. It will also give you the ability to search potential jobs and summer placements through our network of Corporate and Professional Members.

  • Corporations

    The Logistics Institute wants to help your company by giving your employees access to the P.Log. designation which will give them the tools to improve your company’s bottom line. As a corporate partner you will:

    • Deliver certified P.Log. professionals into your logistics operations who have the ability to respond to the changing conditions of today’s business environment
    • Create and implement long-term strategic principles to your company’s logistics process
    • Become the benchmark in best practices in your industry
    • Retain your strongest employees