Benefits of your Professional Designation

  • Continuous Learning & Professional Development

    For your ongoing commitment to professional development and lifelong learning, the Logistics Institute is pleased to provide you with several learning opportunities. Some of these are free of charge available upon renewal, others are at special discounted rates for P.Log members only.

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  • Professional Career Mobility

    The Logistics Institute is committed to continuously developing professional education opportunities that will advance you throughout your career in supply chain logistics.

    For example, since 2019 we have launched a series of supply chain [SC] certifications: professional designations in specialized areas that equip modern supply chain logistics professionals with the competencies required to implement a resilient supply chain strategy. These include designations in Supplier Relationship Management [SC-SRM], and Risk and Resilience [SC-R]. In 2020, we launched our first Change Leadership Program in Change Enablement with the next virtual session coming up in April 2022.

  • Professional Networking

    As a professional member of The Logistics Institute, you join our global community of supply chain and logistics professionals. Join the conversation by following us on social media, and join ourLinkedIn networking groupto build your professional relationships.

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  • The Career Network

    Enjoy access to a customized industry and resume bank for logistics professionals, the Career Network. This service allows job searchers to post resumes where elite industry professionals are looking. Employers will have access to highly qualified pool of applicants to ease your search.

    For more information on the Career Network:

  • As a P.Log professional, you are able to:

    • Exhibit the expertise to implement supply chain logistics strategies across organizational boundaries;
    • Implement supply chain logistics strategies aligned to the organization’s critical business objectives;
    • Articulate and implement supply chain logistics best practices for leading growth and success;
    • Utilize your leadership skills to diagnose and address systemic issues and dilemmas;
    • Identify and recruit the “right” people to capture the value of supply chain logistics;
    • Harness the social systems needed to develop a practical and professional culture.
  • As a P.Log professional, your capacity to lead is:

    • Validated because certification confirms your mastery of supply chain logistics best practices at the strategic and process levels of performance;
    • Improved because certification recognizes your knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead successfully in ambiguous and uncertain environments;
    • Accelerated because certification enables better job performance, enhances career/promotion opportunities and increases recognition by peers and employers;
    • Enhanced as a member of a global community and network of certified supply chain logistics professionals, under the stewardship of the Logistics Institute;
    • Committed to a career of life-long learning enabled through programs and courses delivered through the Logistics Institute, your professional organization.
  • As a P.Log professional, you bring to your organization:

    • Supply chain logistics strategic and process expertise;
    • Discipline for process consistency and the drive for success;
    • Competencies and work experience validated by a third party;
    • Enhanced as a member of a global community and network of certified supply chain logistics professionals, under the stewardship of the Logistics Institute;
    • Professionalism committed to personal and organizational growth;
    • Bench strength with knowledge, skills, and the self-confidence to lead.