Supply Chain Leadership Strategies

Program Overview

Traditionally, supply chain and logistics have been separated into management hierarchies, with supply chain at the top of the organizational pyramid and logistics providing support.

Today, supply chain and logistics have evolved into a business eco-system. A highly competitive, super connected, fast-changing and volatile global environment.

Competition is no longer product vs product, or service vs service, but supply chain vs supply chain. It is critical for logistics and supply chain professionals to gain an awareness of market dynamics, and the key drivers of competitive business strategy.

The Supply Chain Leadership Strategies is an online course designed for you to gain a strategic outlook about Supply Chain and Logistics as a key competitive advantage for organizations.  

This course is self-directed, and can be completed over two months or less. You will be working at your own pace within the two months.

Program Content

Through this course, you will gain an in depth perspective on 21st century challenges in the global supply chain landscape. You will learn about market dynamics, market disruption, four perspectives on creating value, business architecture and responsible organizations, big data, and leadership decision toolkits.

This course focuses on SCL Ecosystems on being organizationally responsible and accepting 21st century Leadership issues.

The challenge is for Supply Chain Logistics professionals to rethink everything. With the emerging “brave new world” of Big Data, this is even more critical. Value is based on knowledge exchange along complex highly interconnected global webs. The shift is immediate and far reaching: from transactions as the primary business goal to creating knowledge-sharing networks as the primary business goal. The challenge is to develop contextual intelligence shared across Supply Chain Logistics Ecosystems, as a strategic decision model, and competitive advantage is the ability to navigate complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.

This module is continued as a series of video lectures, with a focus on:

  • Business Engagement Architecture
  • Dynamics of Responsible Supply Chain Logistics: Flow, Capability, Discipline
  • Circular Economy: Reverse Logistics
  • Market Dynamics: Disruptive Innovation
  • Disrupting SCL: Big Data
  • Capacity to Lead
  • Leadership Decision Tools

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Format & FAQs

How do I register?

The registration button is located below. Simply add to cart, and check out.

You can sign up for one module, or sign up for the full program to get a discount of $140.

Access is provided within 1 business day.

What is the format of the course?

This course is delivered in an online video format.

Applying your own experiences to the learning, you will build a Supply Chain Strategies portfolio through guided exercises.

You will be required to complete and submit workbooks for each module to demonstrate your developed capacities.

What is the time commitment for the course?

Each module must be completed within 1 month. You can expect to spend an average of four hours per week over four weeks.

Are there prerequisites?

Yes. To take Supply Chain Leadership Strategies, you must have first completed Supply Chain Business Strategies.