We're more connected than ever before.

Globalization. Uncertainty. Technology. Big Data. Sustainability.

All of these make our world today, and our supply chains in particular more complex, integrated, and reliant on each other than ever before. We can no longer look at supply chains as linear, nor our relationships within them as simple or transactional.

Business Intelligence Architecture was built in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to prepare you to manage agile supply chains, able to withstand the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that characterizes today's economies.

Join us for sessions and discussions framed around a supply chain case study and walk away with a toolkit that helps you really see every factor that plays a role in the effectiveness and resilience of your supply chain.

Next Session: June 10 - June 14, 2024
Toronto, ON

What you'll gain:

  • Knowledge of the complexities of modern-day supply chain logistics.
  • Business analytics tools and the knowledge to apply them in context, experientially.
  • Ideas on responsible SC strategies while optimizing business goals.
  • Strategic leadership and contextual intelligence capabilities.
  • An understanding of the three pillars of leadership: power, influence and action


  • "After interacting online for years, it felt great to finally have the opportunity to discuss issues and challenges with people outside of my organization. The different perspectives, plus the P.Log toolkit make me feel more prepared to adapt to anything - from a minor hiccup to major disruption."

    - Tony
    Participant 2023
  • "I felt like this program offered a unique learning environment where practical skills and strategy development came together. It pushed me to analyze variables and factors of the supply chain that I’ve never considered before. I’ve already managed to incorporate the skills I’ve learned in my career and everyday life."

    - Dina
    Participant 2023
  • "BIA has truly been a remarkable educational journey. The program expanded my mindset and allowed me to perceive things from diverse perspectives, particularly as we navigate the challenges of the post-COVID world. "

    - Ahmed
    Participant 2023

Session Content

Collapsible content

Day 1

  • Explore value creation and global factors that influence the way your supply chain adapts, pivots and functions.
  • Through the lens of the fast fashion supply chain, discuss the factors that influence SCL optimization
  • Using a hands-on, collaboration-based activity, reflect on your own strengths, weaknesses and leadership capacities.

Day 2

  • Define "competition" as it applies to you, your organization, and the SCL industry and identify areas of competitive advantage
  • Discuss sustainability through the lens of the fast fashion supply chain
  • Identify your own biases, internal biases, and how that may affect your capacity to lead in your team

Day 3

  • Explore the challenge of creating and leading change in organizations to maximize strategic and customer value
  • Apply these concepts to the fast fashion supply chain to solidify your understanding of identity, value and brand
  • Understand how to lead in context; adapting and building relationships to maximize the success of your team

Day 4

  • Discuss the impact of big data and technology and their influence on decision-making
  • Analyze making the most of your market differentiation to maximize customer value
  • Examine the dimensions of disruption using a PESTL analysis tool

Day 5

  • Understand how to apply the tools you've discussed all week to real-world situations and scenarios to maximize your impact
  • Apply key scenario planning tools using the fast fashion case study as the example

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