The Process Management Program

  • Credential Earned: P.Log.

Empower yourself with the business acumen to impact your organization more effectively, contributing to its success and your own. Holistic in approach, this program combines personal development with professional development to give you a unique skills portfolio.

The program integrates supply chain & logistics business expertise with leadership & soft skills and capabilities. It provides insights on improving efficiencies and better integrating end-to-end processes. To boost your own success and development as well as the value you bring to your company, it rounds out your personal skills in leadership, collaboration and decision-making.

Emphasizing practical learning and perspective-exploration, the program content includes video lectures, simulations and case studies. These resources support the experiential exercises you must complete that reinforce your learning by applying the concepts in real time.

This program is recommended for candidates with management/supervisory responsibilities.

  • Key Benefits

    • Gain new perspectives to enhance process management excellence
    • Broaden your analytical capabilities with a systems-thinking mindset
    • Explore critical issues relevant to supply chain and logistics operations today
    • Improve your decision-making by examining your values and leadership style
    • Deepen your understanding of modern-day needs and techniques for collaboration
    • Become a more effective leader by gaining a better understanding of your values and motivations
  • Format

    • This is an online program, and consists of six self-directed modules, and one facilitated peer-group module (virtual).
    • You are given 4 weeks to complete each module.
    • Average time commitment is four hours per week per module.
    • Take breaks between modules, or continue to work through them in tandem.
    • The certification process (all modules) must be completed within two years or less.
    • There are no pre-requisites for enrolling.
    • Register and start at any time. Access is provided within one day.

    • You can register in the full program or pay per module.
    • An official tax receipt will be issued for income tax purposes for the program fees paid, as allowed by the CRA.
    • Access to your e-learning account will be provided within one business day.
  • Full Program

    $6,020 + Tax

  • Pay per Module

    $940 + Tax


Program Outline

This program consists of six self-directed modules, taken in sequence. The capstone qualifier is scheduled and held twice a year: we recommend taking it as soon as a session becomes available during your program.


    •Design the optimal network• Carry out quality demand management

    • Improve internal/external supply chain processes• Analyze transportation-warehousing-inventory costs


    • Managing supply• Manufacturing and operations

    • Transportation and logistics• Retail considerations


    • Supply chain management: alignment and process mapping• SCL Process Integration

    • Competition: market dynamics and customer value creation• Globalization: supply chain logistics as a global reality


    • Information technology• Measuring performance

    • Quality management• Socially responsible organizations


    • Leadership issues: sustainability and organizational resistance

    • Critical leadership: power, influence and action• Being a Change Agent


    • Values and decision-making• Influence on behaviour• Importance of credibility to leadership

    • Leading teams with multiple perspectives• Making right [ethical]/good [economic] decisions


    • Team-based decision making• Enhancing trust and interpersonal relationships• Conflict resolution

    • Leadership for team success• Contextual leadership: dealing with changeand developing a new strategy ‘mid-stream’

P.Log.™ Designation

By successfully completing this program, you will earn the P.Log Designation. Earning the P.Log designation entails the successful completion of a certification program designed to meet the certification requirements set by the Professional Review Board of the Logistics Institute. All program content is developed and owned by The Logistics Institute, wholly or in partnership with industry experts.

P.Log professionals are members of the Logistics Institute. The P.Log designation is owned and maintained by the Logistics Community of Interest under the stewardship of the Logistics Institute. The P.Log designation is a registered trademark of the Logistics Institute, and each individual earning the designation must renew it on an annual basis for continued use of the designation.

The annual professional year runs from November 1 – October 31.

Annual Professional Fee: $495.00