The Applied Innovation Program


Peter Drucker said ‘what you do different’ is a critical element of strategy. Where uncertainty is normative and context is everything in the 21st Century, businesses must embrace all facets of complexity [personal, contextual, interpersonal].

As professionals and practitioners, we must listen to our guts and act intuitively. The market demand is to be strategic in delivering value to customers. The personal demand is to develop robust decision-making competencies to engage successfully in globally competitive business eco-systems. In other words, we must be innovative.

We can learn about innovation, as well as about global competition, business eco-systems, and even leadership. We can do different things as practitioners, professionals, and planners. However, that is simply doing different things. Innovation is “doing things differently”. At heart, innovation is disruptive.

This Program in Applied Innovation will disrupt your everyday normalcies. Through it you will transform yourself into a 21st Century Strategic Leader with the capacity to embrace the challenges of change and innovation and capture the full human potential across the entire organization.

This program aims to jump start creative thinking, collaboration, commitment, and the kind of behaviour change that closes the gap between the theory and the practice of innovation. The goal is to activate the mind-set that enables you to become a proactive innovator and catalyst for a culture of innovation. It is about strategic thinking and strategic intent, not about better operations and processes.

Ultimately, it is about capacitating you as a contextual leader in the face of complexity, ambiguity, and risk. It calls for flexibility, agility and non-rational decision making.

Program Content

The program consists of three progressive stages: Imagine, Innovate and Build.

The Program Competency Development Plan is marked by successive degrees of engagement and development that introduce you to new ways of thinking. By progressing through each stage, you will build your capacity to lead contextually and deal effectively with ambiguity.

PREP-WORK: We begin by challenging you to create your Why. Your Why identifies your core values. Your values drive your actions. Without your why, you cannot Innovate. By innovating, you sustain your personal Why and build on your values. From this beginning we begin to innovate.


Through this program, you will learn to

  • Identify and manage individual and institutional bias
  • Create choices [divergence] and disruptive ideas through aggressive outward exploration
  • Use strategic scenario planning to craft an innovation skills portfolio
  • Design and develop iterative low-fidelity experiments
  • Focus organizational purpose and grass roots buy-in

This is a self-directed online program.

  • There are no pre-requisites to register.
  • Program Start Date: 1st of every month.
  • The program must be completed within one year (can be completed earlier as well).


All active members are eligible for discounted fees (members need to be logged in to register at the member’s rate).

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P.Logs [$2750 + tax]

LS/SC Designates [$3025 + Tax]

Credential Earned: P.A.In Designation

Through this program, we position Supply Chain Logistics as the driver of innovation. Innovation is not a fancy way to solve complex problems. We expect all SCL professionals to solve problems, no matter how complex they are. Innovation builds contextual intelligence. 

The P.A.In designation earned through this program is a demonstration of your competence as a contextually intelligent leader.


The PAIn designation belongs to the Logistics Institute as trademarked. PAIn professionals are members of the Logistics Institute.

Designations must be renewed on an annual basis for continued use of the trademark.

General$ 195.00
P.Log MembersAuto-Renewed with P.Log Renewal

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