P.Log Renewal (2 Years)


Term: 2 Years

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As a P.Log, I belong to a global community of supply chain and logistics professionals. I have been accepted by peers and am recognized publicly by peers. I am part of a global network of business practitioners and professionals. I engage in business on a level playing field marked by standards of fairness.

I earned the right to be a P.Log. My abilities have been tested and found to be of professional calibre. My experience, knowledge, and competencies have been validated. I am proud of my professionalism.

My P.Log enables me to bring to my company the right skills for global supply chain and logistics responsibilities. My P.Log increases my company’s supply chain and logistics bench strength to compete in global markets. My P.Log improves my company’s performance because I am a stronger leader, who excels at collaboration, consensus building, and managing supplier and customer relations. My P.Log shows that I am adaptable; it enables me to move cross-functionally and inter-departmentally within my company.