Supplier Relationship Management

Self-Directed Online Program

Supplier Relationship Management [SRM] is the discipline of strategically planning for, and managing, all interactions with third party organizations that supply goods or services to an organization to maximize the value of those interactions. Emphasis is on managing relationships, and not on managing suppliers.

This program draws from the most current approaches to managing supplier relations, going beyond traditional procurement and purchasing to include relationship dynamics, psychology and analytics. As a competency-based program, SRM provides the most appropriate tools to enhance interactions with suppliers.

SRM is a competency-based program designed and developed by Accelor Training, a Toronto-based company, and delivered through the Logistics Institute as the first of several specialized SC-Certification Programs.

Program Content

There are 12 online modules in this program, with a total time commitment of approximately 30 hours. This is a self-directed, work-at-your-own-pace program. For certification purposes, it must be completed within 60 days.

Supply Market Analysisto understand how to analyse the structure of a supply market, establish topline competitive drivers and engage with the market as it currently exists
Product Analysisto understand how product or service needs are different from specification; the types of specification and how to conduct a needs requirement analysis
Category of Supplyto learn how to undertake a supplier risk assessment and create a spend profile; using these to develop a strategic approach to market
Supplier Marketinghow to create a marketing plan, select appropriate key messages and play to your organizational strengths
Conditioningunderstand how to build a conditioning framework and diagnose when conditioning techniques are being utilized against your organization. Reviewing how conditioning fits within the broader marketing and engagement plan
Communicationsunderstand how to build a supplier communication plan
Supplier Diagnosticshow to categorize suppliers and use their behaviors to diagnose their prioritization of your organization. Review a list of key behaviors together with ideas on responses
Metrics and KPIshow to create effective supplier score cards, guidelines for creating KPIs and selling them internally and externally
Measuring Valuehow to align KPIs to value created by suppliers, thoughts on rewarding value-added behaviour and tracking real value creation
Trustunderstanding the key elements of trust, why it is important for suppliers to trust you and how to quickly and effectively build trust
Assertive Behaviorhow to diagnose assertive behavior, ensure you obtain your objectives and understand how to manage others appropriately
Persuasionunderstand the key elements of persuasion, how to push for value and deliver against objectives
I particularly liked the section around the supplier perspective of behaviour and risk—it provided a different thought perspective to put yourself into the supplier’s shoes to get a glimpse of what they must be thinking.
I gained a better understanding of the structure and elements required for thoughtful communication, including an awareness of how the message can be received by the other party, and how to adjust so as to procure the desired results.
I gained a new method, and also a downloadable diagnostic tool and framework for evaluating suppliers that I can now use on an ongoing basis at work.

$1,950 + Tax

One-Time Fee

An official tax receipt will be issued for income tax purposes for module fees paid, as allowed by the CRA.

Subject Matter Expert: Simon Brown, BSc MBA CMC CTDP MAPM P.Log

Simon has delivered supply chain transformation projects in a broad range of industries. His experience leading clients through challenging sourcing and transformation projects positioned him to be able to provide the  optimum SRM toolset using a combination of best practice and academic research to managing Supplier Relationships.

Simon’s industry experience spans sectors, including FMCG, Healthcare, Retail, Financial & Insurance, Mining, and Oil & Gas.

Simon’s consulting company, Accelor Training, currently delivers the Supplier Relationship Management Program for the Logistics Institute.

Supply Chain Management
 – Led three year SCM transformation creating and redefining entire supply chain from source of supply through to customers. Redefining all relationships and implementing new ERP and SCM systems.
– Developed automated materials handling operation reducing invoice time from 30 days to real time
– Retrained and refocused strategic change team to deliver cross business change programs

Change Management
 – Created online training academy leveraging focused assessed modules
– Conducted over 200 supplier reviews building out methodology to assess and evaluate the true value derived from suppliers and their interactions.
– Restructured a number of supplier markets including coffee and tea, Italian specialty, candy and pies

 – Served as lead consultant supporting oil and gas team transform their Strategic Procurement operations
– Developed training academy for mid sized Gas organization, improved employee retention and promotability
– Led evaluation of supplier performance and relationship and spearheaded new methodology to enhance supplier value proposition
– Conducted contract reviews troubleshooting issues and resolving them with suppliers

A Graduate of Portsmouth University (UK) with an Masters in Business Administration and a P.Log, he is passionate about maximizing the value each individual gets from their interactions.

The Logistics Institute has the mandate to foster business, trade and economic developments between and among supply chain logistics professionals to sustain global trade built on an even playing field, led by competent and ethical certified professionals, based on the fundamental conviction that global trade can only be sustained at the human level by practitioners and professionals who are capable of building trust.