The Supply Chain Resilience Program

Build the competencies required to implement a resilient supply chain strategy through this program. Its goal is to help you examine risk from a strategic perspective, while exploring new avenues to succeed in the face of constant challenge, change and opportunity.

The program uses case studies to guide you through assessing key issues and vulnerabilities faced by supply chains. With the framework provided, you build a heat map for your own organization, and gain new perspectives to “bounce back” from the impact of a risk event, quickly, cost-effectively, and in line with the overall value proposition.

Helping you develop a deeper understanding of the complexity of business eco-systems, it sharpens your systems-thinking mindset to enable you to engage effectively in complex SCL systems.

This program is recommended for seasoned candidates with strategic-level responsibilities, or responsible for a resilience strategy portfolio for your organization.

Credential Earned: P.Log.

Key Benefits

  • Learn about emerging risk frameworks and protocols
  • Use a Heat Map to assess your company’s supply chain maturity and risk level
  • Gain the ability to develop a comprehensive resilience strategy to minimize risk
  • Improve your strategic-thinking mindset and contextual leadership capabilities
  • Sharpen your awareness of strategic, customer and market perspectives
  • Broaden your knowledge of the key drivers of competitive advantage: cost and differentiation
  • Build a strategic understanding of responsible organizations and the circular economy


  • This is a self-directed online program consisting of six modules.
  • You are given 8 weeks to complete each module.
  • Average time commitment is 4 hours per week.
  • The certification process (all modules) must be completed within 1½ years or less.
  • There are no pre-requisites for enrolling.
  • You must have the ability to complete a risk assessment either by using your own experience working for a company/client, or by applying a case study/knowledge of a company for this purpose.
  • Register and start at any time. Access is provided within one day.
  • You can register in the full program or sign up for individual modules (6 modules to be taken).
  • An official tax receipt will be issued for income tax purposes for the program fees paid, as allowed by the CRA.
  • Access to your e-learning account will be provided within one business day.

Full program

$5,625 + Tax

Pay per module

$980 + tax

Program Outline

This program consists of two key topics with 3 modules each. Click on the topics for more details.

Risk & Resilience is structured in three modules (called levels): each level builds on the previous and must be completed in sequence.

MODULE 1: Risk & Resilience Level 1• Supply chain management fundamentals and global supply chain trends
• Impact of global volatility on supply chain operational performance
• Importance of supply chain cyber security
MODULE 2: Risk & Resilience Level 2• Emerging risk frameworks and protocols for good SCR&R returns on investments
• Statistical tools and techniques to identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risks
• Knowledge of your own company’s Risk Appetite/Risk Frontier and culture
• Methodologies that can forecast supplier bankruptcy
MODULE 3: Risk & Resilience Level 3• Online resources, case studies, Global Risk Indexes, Global Risk Standards
• Methods of identifying risks including Supply chain mapping, Big data and AI
• Heat Map Tool for your company’s supply chain maturity and risk level using a
• Comprehensive resilience strategy to maximize supply chain performance and minimize risks

Supply Chain leadership is also structured in three modules and must be completed in sequence.

MODULE 4: Supply Chain Business Strategies• Strategic POV: Competitive Advantage
• Market Dynamics
• Disruption: Amazon Effect, E-Commerce and e-Supply Chain Logistics
• Perspectives: strategic, customer-based, market and trade-off
MODULE 5: Supply Chain Leadership Strategies• Dynamics of Responsible Supply Chain Logistics: Flow, Capability, Discipline
• Circular Economy: Reverse Logistics
• Disruptive Innovation, Big Data
• Capacity to Lead, Leadership Decision Tools
MODULE 6: Personal Leadership Strategies• Leadership issues: sustainability and organizational resistance
• Critical leadership: power, influence and action
• Being a Change Agent

P.Log.™ Designation

By successfully completing this program, you will earn the P.Log Designation. Earning the P.Log designation entails the successful completion of a certification program designed to meet the certification requirements set by the Professional Review Board of the Logistics Institute. All program content is developed and owned by The Logistics Institute, wholly or in partnership with industry experts.

P.Log professionals are members of the Logistics Institute. The P.Log designation is owned and maintained by the Logistics Community of Interest under the stewardship of the Logistics Institute. The P.Log designation is a registered trademark of the Logistics Institute, and each individual earning the designation must renew it on an annual basis for continued use of the designation.

The annual professional year runs from November 1 – October 31.

Annual Professional Fee$495.00