Supply Chain Strategies

Self-Directed Online Program

We can no longer think of supply chains as linear models, or logistics as process flows. Supply Chain and its correlative Logistics are complex networks – the products and information flows travel within and between nodes in a variety of networks that link organizations, industries and economies.

Holistically, there is only limited value in separating supply chain and logistics into management hierarchies, with supply chain at the top of the organizational pyramid and logistics providing support. SCL is a business eco-system that has evolved in the 21st Century to reflect the increased complexity of world trade – highly competitive, super connected and changing fast, amidst a volatile global environment.

Fundamentally, we buy; we transport; we warehouse [deploy]; we replenish [inventory]; we distribute; we deliver in an international trade environment [import/export]. Strategically, SCL Eco-systems are business enablers, revenue drivers and competitive differentiators. Competition has been redefined: competitors not only have to duplicate or produce better core products, but they must also compete against the entire system of independent complementors and suppliers that form a company’s value network. It is no longer product vs product but supply chain vs supply chain.

Twenty-first-century supply chains have transformed into worldwide inter-connected supply-and-demand networks – exposed to the vulnerabilities of our uncertain world – and with profound interdependencies.

— Mark Miller, How Supply Chain Drives Competitive Advantage, May 4, 2017

SCS – COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE consists of two online modules that provide a strategic perspective on 21st century challenges in the global SC landscape. The modules are self-directed, and three months are provided to complete both. You will be working at your own pace within the three months.

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