Co-working: the Middle Ground between RTO and WFH

Co-working: the Middle Ground between RTO and WFH

10.23 Edition

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The Alliance Leadership Centre
Leadership 2.0 - Reimagining Leadership
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Why is celebration so important in the workplace?
Co-working: the middle ground between RTO and WFH.



Alliance Leadership Centre offers and open, airy space to host your next business meeting!




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The ALC offers an open, bright, airy space for you to host your clients, colleagues, teams and organizations as the holiday season approaches.

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Leadership 2.0

We're so incredibly excited to be hosting a fall leadership program! This cutting-edge program harkens back to the incredible programs of the pre-pandemic world, while specifically addressing fallout from COVID-19. 


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The importance of celebration in the workplace:

The holiday season is coming up fast! Harvard Business Review discusses the importance of celebrating with your team, in and out of the office. Read More.


There's still a place for in-person meetings:

We all know that virtual meetings are a different kind of exhausting. When you're planning your next meeting, consider the following: Read More.


WFH is cool, but have you seen the benefits of co-working spaces?

After three years, there are huge parts of working from home that aren't as exciting. Co-working spaces, like the ALC, offer incredible benefits to teams that are largely remote, without demanding RTO. Read More.


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