Program Overview

Train Your Teams is a set of customizable programs where we provide you a template and you decide if any changes need to be made to fit the requirements of your team, organization, or particular issue/challenge. You work with our Director of Programs to ensure that the delivery and learning outcomes meet your expectations and training goals.

Choose between Team Dynamics and Logistics Specialist

Coming Soon: In House Leadership: Updated

Program Content

Team Dynamics

Built to address the hybrid working environment that is now the norm, team dynamics puts your team in real-world simulations to increase their professionalism, teamwork, and efficiency in virtual environments.

Logistics Specialist

Increase your team's understanding and capacity on basic SCL skills and concepts while providing them with a 21st century problem-solving toolkit to facilitate their learning and growth.

Leadership: Updated

  • In development - coming soon!

Program Format & FAQ's

Can I make alterations to the program?

Yes! Upon registration, our Director of Programs will follow up with you. They will provide a program structure that you can customize to fit the needs of your team.

What is the program format and time commitment?

  • Team Dynamics is solely offered online.
  • Other offerings can be shifted to facilitation or in person. This is considered a customization.
  • Time commitment varies, and can be customized to fit the needs of your team.

Is there a minimum number of people required for training?

Some programs have a minimum requirement of 8 people to maximize the learning outcomes. If this does not fit your team, please contact us directly so we can work with you on our available options for smaller teams.