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Integrating leadership and supply chain logistics competencies, our programs challenge
supply chain and logistics practitioners to reinvent themselves as
Thought Leaders | Solutions Architects | Professionals.

The Logistics Institute provides professional development programs through which you can become a Certified Professional, earning the prestigious P.Log. Designation.

Earning the P.Log designation is an investment in your supply chain and logistics career. It identifies you as a member of a global community of professionals managing the supply chains of today and building resilience for tomorrow, and as a professional in pursuit of excellence in your chosen career.

The P.Log. designation gives you

  • the recognition that comes from being a Professional Member of the Logistics Institute
  • the credibility, expertise and confidence to be a leader, leading from any position
  • competitive advantage by enhancing your strategic-thinking, problem-solving and personal leadership skills


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There are two pathways to choose from, depending on your interest and where you are in your career, or more importantly, where you want to take your career.

Each certification program
  • helps you build specific skills and supply chain logistics leadership expertise, enhancing your impact in your company’s decision-making and value-creation strategy,
  • broadens your perspective, knowledge of key business concepts and provides insights that can be applied to your work immediately,
  • leads to earning the P.Log. designation.

Hear it directly from P.Logs:

P.Log: Professional Logistician

The P.Log designation is a public statement of your leadership, competence and credibility, and your competitive advantage in the supply chain and logistics community. It is a recognition of your skills, knowledge and aptitude to lead.

The P.Log is a leader:

  • Who transforms organizations as a change agent and builds capabilities in others to implement change;
  • With competitive edge to create customer value, and with competence as a supply chain logistics practitioner to sustain that value; and
  • With the self-confidence to make difficult decisions and accept responsibility for the consequences of those decisions.

The 2020 Survey of the Logistics Professional, conducted by Canadian Shipper Magazine, shared that P.Log respondents reported the highest salary amongst supply chain professional designation holders.

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