The Logistics Institute is a not-for-profit professional organization, delivering online and in-person certification programs to professionals in the supply chain and logistics industry.

Being a certified professional demonstrates to your employer, colleagues and clients that you are an expert in your field, and that we, the Logistics Institute, as an industry leader, are attesting to that.

In 2020, we were awarded the Best Competency-Based Supply Chain Logistics Learning Organisation Award from Corporate Vision, and in 2021, the Best Comprehensive Logistics Training & Development Program.


There are five different professional designations you can earn through the Logistics Institute, through various certification programs:

P.Log: Professional Logistician

The P.Log designation is a public statement of your leadership, competence and credibility, and your competitive advantage in the supply chain and logistics community. It is a recognition of your skills, knowledge and aptitude to lead.

The P.Log is a leader:

  • Who transforms organizations as a change agent and builds capabilities in others to implement change;
  • With competitive edge to create customer value, and with competence as a supply chain logistics practitioner to sustain that value; and
  • With the self-confidence to make difficult decisions and accept responsibility for the consequences of those decisions.

The 2020 Survey of the Logistics Professional, conducted by Canadian Shipper Magazine, shared that P.Log respondents reported the highest salary amongst supply chain professional designation holders.


The P.Log can be earned through either of the two programs below:

Process Management Program:
This program consists of 7 online modules (six are self-directed and one is a facilitated group module). The modules consist of varied activities, ranging from completing simulations, assignments, team activities and facilitated sessions. By the end of the program, participants will walk away with a comprehensive skills portfolio and toolkit that can be applied directly in your workplace and your career.

The Leadership Program:
This program includes a 4-day session (virtual in 2020/2021) and a self-directed online module. The virtual session is group-based and facilitated: while working on your own change project with the program guide, you are a part of a leadership cohort of industry peers that will share ideas, problems, and issues to gain new perspectives about the wider SCL community and 21st century landscape. Next, you work through an online module which is self-directed, and focuses on SCL Ecosystems as competitive advantage.

What We Do

The Logistics Institute is a not-for-profit professional organization: we deliver certification programs to professionals primarily in, but not restricted to, the supply chain and logistics industry.

The Logistics Institute is holistic in its approach — our programs are competency-based and focus on the skills and competencies of the individual as a whole.

Our programs contribute to career mobility: capacitating practitioners not only to advance in their careers, but also to move laterally; and providing the opportunity to develop a comprehensive career toolkit.

The Logistics Institute’s vision is to develop leaders

  • who transform organizations as change agents and build capabilities in others to implement change through training;
  • who have the self-confidence to make difficult decisions and accept responsibility for the consequences of those decisions;
  • and who have the competitive edge to create customer value and the competence as supply chain and logistics practitioners to sustain that value.
Victor Deyglio
Founding President
P.Logs. PCEs & P.A.Ins
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