September 2023

September 2023

09.23 Edition

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Welcome to the New Logistics Institute!
Leadership 2.0 - Reimagining Leadership
Introducing the Alliance Leadership Centre!
Profile: Santhosh Ganesh.
What we're consuming this month.

Welcome to the new Logistics Institute!

Over the last six months we've worked tirelessly to marry the feel of The Logistics Institute - think outside-the-box, off-the-wall - with your experience. We've updated our website, made changes to what and how we share through our social media platforms and most importantly, changed how we communicate with you, our valued community. Here's what's new!

Social Media: using platforms like LinkedIn, we're sharing more than just what's happening with us. We're sharing posts and articles we think will bring you joy, excitement, or thought-provoking ideas - all curated just for you! You can explore our social media at the bottom of this Logarhythm.

Website: we've overhauled our website to make it easier to navigate and find the programs you're looking to explore and we've included an updated personalized account system that provides exclusive access to products, sessions, seminars and resources. Check it out →

Communications: the new key words here are joy, fun, excitement and different. We're taking the core of The Logistics Institute and putting it into the emails we share with you! From posts to links to the Logarhythm and more, you can choose from a number of different options!  

Please do not forget to add and the domain to your safe senders list! This ensures you receive all of our communications into your inbox and not your junk or spam folders.




Leadership 2.0

We're so incredibly excited to be hosting a fall leadership program! This cutting-edge program harkens back to the incredible programs of the pre-pandemic world, while specifically addressing fallout from COVID-19. Join Us November 20-24, 2023 →

ALC is Open!

Looking for a place to host a meeting? Looking for a space to collaborate that isn't your very neutral office? Look no further! The Alliance Leadership Centre is a bright, airy space in the centre of Toronto. Take advantage of natural light and tonnes of plants to change the entire vibe of your meeting, gathering or event.Learn more →

We'll see you there!

On September 25th and 26th, we'll be attending the Women's Trucking Federation, Canada's Bridging the Barriers event, in Toronto, ON. We're excited for the opportunity to extend our network and learn about challenges that are facing the trucking industry from those experiencing it. Learn more about the event →




Meet Santhosh!

Santhosh is a P.Log and seasoned trade professional with 18 years of dedicated experience, specializing in the container shipping and logistics industry. His track record showcases not only his ability to deliver results but also his adeptness in leading teams of varying sizes and responsibilities. Santhosh possesses exceptional relationship management skills that result in fostering strong and smooth partnerships with key stakeholders. With his results-oriented and forward-thinking approach, Santhosh stands as a valuable asset for any organization in search of a dynamic and visionary professional. 
Learn more about Santhosh →

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Here's what we're consuming this month:

How "Perspective Swaps" can drive incredible, creative organizational change (Harvard Business Review). Read More.

It's been a breakout year for generative AI (think ChatGPT). From writing essays to stalling bargaining talks, there's no way around it. Read More.

Last year's strategic plans will not work in 2024 and Forbes discusses how. Read More.



In Conversation - Joe Googel 

Listen to Joe's story on earning the P.Log and how being a professional and earning the P.Log impacted his career and his success. Watch the video →

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