Business Innovation Architecture

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Program Overview

Build your strategic leadership skills with this program. Its goal is to activate a mind-set that enables you to become a proactive innovator driving a culture of innovation. Focused on strategic thinking and strategic intent in the face of complexity, ambiguity, and risk, it transforms you into a contextual leader with the capacity for flexibility, agility and non-rational decision making.

The program uses a business case study to help you assess key issues and vulnerabilities faced by a supply chain. Through this interactive exercise, you gain a template that you can use to build your own innovation framework, applying the different perspectives and insights obtained through the program.

This program is recommended for executives, directors and senior management that are looking to increase their strategic thinking skills. We also recommend this program for people who aspire to hold the above roles.

The Business Innovation Architecture Program is a P.Log Pathway. Successful completion of the program results in your P.Log Designation.

Program Outcomes

  • Enhance your strategic leadership and contextual intelligence capabilities
  • Improve your decision-making by examining implied & cognitive biases
  • Create ideas on socially responsible strategies while optimizing business goals
  • Develop your strategic scenario-planning abilities
  • Deepen your understanding of divergent/convergent thinking as a focusing technique
  • Walk away with a business analytics toolkit and innovation framework to apply to your workplace

Program Content

This program is focused on strategic thinking and building your confidence in developing and implementing strategic decisions.

We recommend this program for executives, directors and senior managers, as well as people aspiring to these titles.

Collapsible content

PRE-WORK: Your Why (Required)

  • Review your SCL fundamentals and refresh foundational skills and competencies.
  • Discuss the factors that both positively and negatively affect supply chains and logistics networks.
  • Explore value creation and global factors that influence the way your supply chain adapts, pivots and functions.
  • Through the lens of the fast fashion supply chain, discuss the factors that influence SCL optimization
  • Using a hands-on, collaboration-based activity, reflect on your own strengths, weaknesses and leadership capacities.

STAGE 1: Imagine

This stage consists of three modules: community centric vision, community co-creation, value chain analysis.

1: Community Centric Vision
-Learn about your covert and overt constraints to improve collaboration
- Examine the implicit and cognitive biases affecting your decision-making
- Identify repeated thinking patterns that can lead to inaccurate conclusions

2: Community Co-creation
- Increase awareness of stakeholder perspectives to improve engagement and contribution
- Develop an external mindset by pro-actively considering external factors at play At this stage, you will focus on Zara and the world of Fast Fashion as a case study.

3: Value Chain Analysis
- Build on the Zara fast fashion case
- Conduct a Value Chain Analysis using four different analytical tools: Company Value Creation, Market Leadership, Customer-centric Values, and Stakeholder Economics

STAGE 2: Innovate

This stage consists of two modules: fringe mapping and scenario planning.

Building further from the Zara Fast Fashion case, you will apply two building blocks: Fringe Mapping [what needs to be done] and Scenario Planning [what can be done].

4: Fringe Mapping
Gain an understanding of the sector's micro and macro environments by considering:
Optimization: resources to be reduced and better managed
Sustaining: resources to be added and new strategies implemented
Breakthrough: resources and processes to be re-organized and used in new ways
Disruption: changing the values, culture and economics of the business

5: Scenario Planning
- Create a scenario of what must be done
- Create the plan to innovate

STAGE 3: Build

This stage is your toolkit and included at part of module 5 (scenario planning).

Throughout the program, you have used innovation tools and honed strategic leadership competencies applied to Zara and Fast Fashion. At this point, you end your journey with your own Business Innovation Architecture Toolkit.

Your Toolkit includes:

The Tool: what you became proficient in using.
The Story: the context about why each tool is critical.
The Application: the guide on how best to use the tool.
The Exercise: the practice on using and applying the tool.

Now the focus shifts to your own business experience, either the company in which you currently work, or past business experience. Armed with your Business Innovation Architecture Toolkit it is up to you to innovate.

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Format & FAQs

How do I register?

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  • Full payment is due at the time of registration. For questions, email

What is the format of the program?

  • This is a self-directed online program consisting of pre-work and five modules (called building blocks).
  • You are given six weeks to complete each module.
  • Average time commitment is 4 hours per week.
  • The certification process (all modules) must be completed within one year, or less.
  • There are no pre-requisites for enrolling.
  • Register and start at any time. Access is provided within one day.

Can I take a break between modules?

All modules must be completed within a 12-month period. Therefore, you can take breaks between modules as you need to as long as you complete all of the requirements in 12 months.

I'm a P.Log. Can I still take this program?


We encourage our P.Logs to continue to build their skills and capabilities. This program is an excellent building block, especially if you earned your P.Log initially through the Process Management Program. It is also relevant if you took the Applied Innovation Program, as your thoughts, experiences and challenges may have changed.

As you are already a P.Log, participation in this program results in the completion of your professional development requirements.

Who attends this program?

We recommend this program for executives, directors, senior managers, and

  • Full Program

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    Cost: $3000.00 CAD

    Full Program 
  • Modules

    Purchase one module at a time.
    Cost: $660.00 CAD
    *Modules must be completed in sequence.


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Successfully completing the Leadership Program as a P.Log qualifies you for 2 years worth of professional development credits.

Professional development as a P.Log is part of the continuous learning vow you took when you earned your designation - a key piece of maintaining your designation. You took the time to develop your skills and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Now, update those skills, toolsets and competencies and ensure your toolkit matches what is required of a 21st century leader.