Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

I acknowledge that my position as a logistics professional carries with it certain important obligations to the public, myself and my profession, my colleagues, my employer and management, my clients, and my students, and I will take diligent personal responsibility for their discharge.

Therefore, as a member of the Logistics Institute who has earned the P.Log. designation and as a condition of that professional membership, I agree to the following six obligations that constitute the Institute’s Code of Professional Ethics and each of their related Standards of Conduct:

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To the public

I will endeavor to protect the public interest and strive to promote understanding of logistics and its application, but will not represent myself as an authority on areas in which I lack competence.

Due to my obligation to the public, I will:

  • Not unreasonably withhold information pertinent to a public issue relating to logistics
  • Not disseminate, nor allow to go unchallenged, false or misleading information that I believe may have significant consequence
  • Not offer information or advice that I know to be false or misleading, or whose accuracy is beyond my competence to judge
  • Not seek to acquire, through my position or special knowledge, for my own use or for the use of others, information that is not rightly mine to possess
  • Obey the laws of the country, and will not counsel, aid or assist any person to act in any way contrary to these laws
  • Endeavor to enhance public understanding of logistics, particularly its current capabilities and limitations, and the role of logistics as a business strategy for competitive advantage

To myself and my profession

I will guard my competence and effectiveness as a valuable possession and work at maintaining them despite changing circumstances and requirements. Furthermore, I will maintain high personal standards of moral responsibility, character and integrity when acting in my professional capacity.

Due to my obligation to myself and my profession, I will:

  • Not knowingly allow my competence to fall short of that necessary for reasonable execution of my duties
  • Conduct my professional affairs in such a manner as to cause no harm to the stature of the profession
  • Take appropriate action on reasonably certain knowledge of unethical conduct on the part of a colleague

To my colleagues

I will treat my colleagues with integrity and respect and hold their right to success to be as important as my own. I will contribute to the professional knowledge of logistics to the best of my ability.

Due to my obligation to my colleagues, I will:

  • Not unreasonably withhold information pertinent to my work or profession
  • Give full acknowledgment to the work of others

To my employer and management

I will give faithful service to further my employer’s legitimate best interests through management’s direction.

Due to my obligation to my employer and management, I will:

  • Accept responsibility for my work and for informing others with a right and need to know of pertinent parts of my work
  • Not accept work that I do not feel competent to perform to a reasonable level of management satisfaction
  • Guard the legitimate confidentiality of my employer’s private information
  • Respect and guard my employer’s (and his or her suppliers’) proprietary interest, particularly in regard to business, product, service, commercial, financial and market information and data
  • Respect the commercial aspect of my obligation to my employer

To my clients

I will give frank and careful counsel on matters within my competence, and guard my client’s confidential information and private matters absolutely. In my capacity of provider of product or service, I will provide good value for my compensation and will endeavor to protect the user of my product or service against consequential loss or harm.

Due to my obligation to my clients, I will:

  • Ensure that proper expertise and current professional knowledge is made available
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and give notice of potential conflicts of interest
  • Consider that all five standards of conduct listed under my obligations to my employer and management, cast in the employee/employer context, are also applicable in the consultant/ client context

To my students

I will provide scholarly education to my students in a sympathetic and helpful manner.

Due to my obligation to my students, I will:

  • Maintain my knowledge of logistics in those areas that I teach to a level exceeding curriculum requirements
  • Treat my students respectfully as junior scholars, worthy of significant effort on my part