P.Log Certification

Thinking of becoming a certified P.Log.?

A P.Log. certification program provides you with transferable skills, valuable industry perspectives, practical tools and techniques – comprehensively providing a unique skills portfolio to increase your market worth. Industry recognized and respected, the P.Log is the key to career mobility.

Do you have what it takes to be a P.Log?

  • How can you earn the P.Log?

    There are two pathways: the online Process Management Program, or the in-person Business Architecture Program.

    Each program is competency-based, and a challenge; it tests your capabilities, your competence, your ability to learn concepts and apply them in real-time to situations you face within the context of your responsibilities. This third-party testing earns you the right to be a certified professional.

  • Why should you consider the P.Log?

    The P.Log focuses on capacitating you in:

    • being a professional: credible, competent, certified;
    • being a change agent, human-centric in approach;
    • being a critical-thinker and a solutions architect;
    • having the self-confidence to make difficult decisions; and
    • to accept responsibility for those decisions.

Certification Pathways

  • Process Management Program

    An online certification program with 7 modules that can be completed within 7 months (or less).

    Holistic in approach, this program aims to give you a unique skills portfolio by combining your professional development with personal capabilities. It allows you to build the competencies you need to succeed as a 21st century supply chain logistics professional by integrating supply chain logistics business expertise with leadership and human-centric skills.

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  • Business Intelligence Architecture

    This 5-day, in-person, "bootcamp" style program gives you the tools and insights to analyze the risk factors faced by all businesses today, what the impact is to your organization, and the measures needed to manage stakeholder engagement. Collaborate with industry peers and experts, get multiple perspectives from other experts and explore different solutions to current problems facing the SCL industry.

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P.Log Certification requires a minimum of 5 years' business experience.

Not there yet? Explore the Logistics Specialist Program below instead, or one of our non-certification courses.

Advanced Standing

Candidates with a college/university level degree or another professional credential (designation), or with 20+ years work experience, can apply for Advanced Standing towards earning the P.Log designation. 

  • Logistics Specialist

    This online, self-directed program prepares you for a successful career in supply chain and logistics. Focused on building your capacity to understand and solve "fuzzy" or ill-defined problems, this program equips you with a toolkit of skills and exercises that increases your capacity to handle the tumultuous, unclear and uncertain nature of today's economic environment.

    Completing this program results in the Logistics Specialist [LS] designation

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  • Logistics Essentials

    This online, self-directed program introduces you to the world of supply chain and logistics, with a focus on the relationships between core operational activities and the collaboration required to keep supply chains functioning optimally. Understand the interconnectivity of different aspects of your supply chain and solidify your understanding of foundational SCL principles.

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  • Business Innovation

    Imagine. Innovate. Build.

    This 5-module, online, self-directed program supports your capacity to find new solutions to old problems. Understand the big picture and analyze organizational challenges in the face of ambiguity, uncertainty and risk.

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  • Supply Chain Strategies

    The Supply Chain Strategies short course is a four-part online course designed for supply chain and logistics professionals to gain a strategic outlook about Supply Chain and Logistics as a key competitive advantage for organizations.  

    The four modules are self-directed, and can be completed over four months or less. You will be working at your own pace within the four months.

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