The Process Management Program

This program emphasizes practical learning, including video lectures, simulations, and case studies, that reinforce your learning by applying the concepts in real-time. By improving efficiencies and better integrating end-to-end processes, you will be able to boost your own success and development, as well as the value you bring to your company.

Moreover, the program content provides insights into process management and SCL excellence capabilities, making you more effective in contributing to your company's success. With a focus on personal career growth and success, this program seeks to round off your skills in leadership, collaboration, and decision-making, enhancing your overall competency as a professional.

Enrolling in The Process Management Program will give you a competitive edge in your field, with the confidence to lead from any position and enhance your strategic-thinking, problem-solving, and personal leadership skills. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your career and become a Professional Logistician with the prestigious P.Log. designation.

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Process Management Options

Key Benefits

  • Elevate your process management excellence through fresh perspectives
  • Develop a systems-thinking mindset to broaden your analytical capabilities
  • Tackle critical issues affecting modern-day supply chain and logistics operations
  • Enhance your decision-making skills by examining your values and leadership style
  • Master modern techniques for collaboration and deepen your understanding of its importance
  • Unlock your leadership potential and gain a better understanding of your values & motivations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

  • Select your option from above (bundle/full program, or module-by-module).
  • Select "Add to Cart" and follow the checkout process.
  • Full payment is due at the time of registration. For questions, email
  • Access to your learning platform will be made available 1 business day after registration.

What is the format of the program?

  • Six (6) self-directed modules and one (1) scheduled module.
  • Information presented through readings, videos.
  • Show your learning through submitting workbooks that require you to apply the knowledge you've learned.
  • You can take the modules back-to-back or take a break between modules.

What is the recommended time commitment of the program?

  • We recommend 4hrs per week, for 4 weeks for each module.
  • Regardless of your program option, all modules must be completed within 2 years.
  • Start any time.
  • Six (6) self-directed modules available 24/7, whenever you need them.

Are there any pre-requisites?

  • No pre-requisites to starting.
  • 5-years experience required for receipt of designation.

Do you provide education tax receipts

  • Yes, with all information required by the CRA.
  • These are released during tax season.